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The Handlers

Contact the Canine Teams  for deployment or demonstrations:

Glenn Johnson            509-539-4119                                                            .

Eileen Porter             509-250-1711                                                           .    

Linda Phelps             509-250-0260                                                            .

Accelerant Detection Canines

Eileen Porter

Linda Phelps

...lab results from both indications returned positive for accelerants.

Yellow arrow indicates exact location of canine indication...

Our Accelerant Detection Beagles have a phenomenal sense of smell.  Trained by Dale Stavroff, Owner/Master Trainer at Precision Dogs, our ADK9‘s work meticulously to detect liquid accelerants and indicate evidence not always visible to the eye or evident from burn patterns.

Their talent helps investigators confirm the presence (or absence) of liquid accelerants and pinpoint the location, ensuring a significantly higher percentage of positive results with fewer samples sent to the lab.

They readily detect:  Petroleum Distillates, Naphthenic Products, Medium Isoparaffinic Products, Vehicle Fuels & more.

“Accelerant Detection Canine Teams”

are available to be deployed for duty or demonstrations.

Contact  Us

Glenn Johnson   509-539-4119

Eileen Porter    509-250-1711

Linda Phelps    509-250-0260

Both handlers, Eileen Porter and Linda Phelps, are long-time experienced dog handlers and have handled and titled working canines in liquid accelerant detection, tracking, obedience, searching, human remains detection and limited explosives detection.

They have been requested by the FBI, county sheriffs, police departments, tribal police, fire and insurance investigators and local schools. 

Each handler certifies annually with both canines as liquid accelerant detection teams under the fire investigation industry’s renowned test administrator, Dr. John DeHaan.

Both handlers are members of

        IAAI - International Association of Arson Investigators

  , an independent accelerant detection dog organization.

Active in community awareness programs in local communities, they are happy to fulfill requests for educational demonstrations.  (To inquire about or book a demonstration, click here)

Some of their education includes:

    Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Reserve Deputy Program

        Basic Fire Investigator - (Glenn Johnson)

            Evidence From The Scene To The Lab - (Dr. John DeHaan)

                Ignitable Liquids and Other Burn Patterns - (Dr. John DeHaan)

                    Evidence Collection Module - (IAAI / CFI Traininer)

                        Annual Detection Dog Team Update - (Precision Dogs)

                            Annual Proficiency Test and Team Certification - (Fire

                                 Cause & Origin Evidence Update/Case Studies - (Dr. John DeHaan)

                                      New Accelerants & Extinguishing Agents - (Dr. John DeHaan)


            IAAI  - F.I.T.  Fire Investigator Technician (Eileen)                                                               2016

    Certified Canine Accelerant Detection Team w/K9 Rafa.                                                    2012- 2019

    Certified Canine Accelerant Detection Team w/K9 Addie                                                  2016 - 2019

    Precision Dogs ADK9 Annual Handler Update                                                                      2010 - 2019

    Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center Reserve Deputy Academy                              2004

           Oregon State Sheriff’s Assn Search & Rescue Volunteer/Canine Handler                      1995 - 2007

    Washington State Search & Rescue Volunteer/Canine Handler                                        1994 -  2014